International Neural Network Society Workshop on Deep Learning Innovations and Applications


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Chrisina Jayne

Danilo Mandic

Richard Duro


This special INNS-sponsored workshop aims to explore innovations and applications of deep learning and bring together academic researchers and industry professionals. Authors will be invited to submit a paper in the first edition of the INNS workshop series in Procedia Computer Science (open access).

Topics for the workshop include:

  • Deep Learning Applications in the areas such as healthcare, finance, education, visual recognition, entertainment, personalisation, fraud detection, autonomous driving, bioinformatics and others
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Generative Neural Networks
  • Deep Neural Networks for computer vision
  • Deep Neural Networks for natural language processing
  • Deep learning and ethics
  • Explainability and emerging issues

The workshop will be entirely online with links to the presentations and abstracts of the accepted papers.

Important Dates

Registration: 20 May 2023
Camera-ready upload: 20 May 2023
Pre-recorded presentation upload: 30 May 2023
Workshop dates: 23 June 2023

Submission Guidelines

Accepted papers will be published under the INNS workshop series in Procedia Computer Science. Authors must follow the submission guidelines found on the Elsevier website.

Contributions should have 8-10 pages, references included. All contributions, irrespective of the type, will undergo a single blind peer review process with 2-3 anonymous referees.

How to Submit

Submissions will be accepted through EDAS.

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