Cesare Alippi
Governor-at-Large (2022-2024)
Politecnico di Milano
Universita' della Svizzera
Italiana, Milan, Italy

Dr. Alippi, Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, is an internationally recognized scholar in the field of intelligence for embedded systems, a discipline where neural networks, machine learning processing and embedded systems are combined together.

Dr. Alippi has also made outstanding contributions to basic and applied research on machine learning with a particular attention to learning in nonstationary and time variant environments; he also used the PAC theory of learning to provide a solid theoretical ground to assess the performances of embedded computations (e.g., those associated with an approximate computation). The research significantly changes the machine-to-machine (M2M) perspective by allowing machines to automatically detect changes in incoming data streams (e.g., induced by evolutions in the environment, faults or ageing) and react accordingly to optimize the application performance. His research on intelligent embedded systems, and particularly the one related to
intelligent inspection and monitoring has been internationally recognized as a major contribution for homeland security (design of X-rays based explosive detection and molecular inspection algorithms and systems) and civil protection (distributed water monitoring, rock-collapse monitoring, land-slide monitoring). Several of these systems have been brought to the market by leading companies. In this research stream, NN-based and machine learning algorithms are present both in Italian and EU airports (X-Ray inspection of baggage) as well as in environmental monitoring systems currently active in Italy and Switzerland (three out of five being deployed for more than four years).

He has written a single-author very successful research book on "Intelligence for Embedded Systems” published by Springer in 2014 (more than 4000 acquisitions in one year according to Springer), edited 6 books and proceedings, written 12 book chapters, filed 4 patents, published 48 international peer reviewed papers including 30 papers published in IEEE Transactions, being the single author of five of these papers.

Dr Alippi is the recipient of numerous awards, some of which include:

  • IBM Faculty Award 2013 (18.000US$ award for his research on active learning).
  • IEEE Fellow, “for contributions to robustness and application-level synthesis of embedded information processing systems”, 2006
  • Knight of the Italian Republic, the highest national distinction awarded by the President of the Italian Republic, for outstanding international visibility and scientific contributions (2011).
  • 2003 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Outstanding Young Engineer Award “in recognition of his leadership in the fields of digital architectural design and neural networks for industrial applications