Danilo Mandic
President (2023-2024)
Imperial College London


Dr. Danilo Mandic obtained his PhD in the area of recurrent neural networks (RNN) from Imperial College London, UK in 1999 and is currently a Professor at the same institution.

He has been working in the areas of statistical learning theory, recurrent and multidimensional neural networks, Big Data, machine learning on graphs, and complexity science. His research has found applications in biomedical engineering (brain-computer interface and Hearables), human-computer interaction (bodysensor networks), and financial engineering. He has published two research monographs on neural networks, entitled “Recurrent Neural Networks for Prediction”, Wiley 2001, and “Complex Valued Nonlinear Adaptive Filters: Noncircularity, Widely Linear and Neural models”, Wiley 2009 (both first books in their respective areas), and has co-edited books on Data Fusion (Springer 2008) and Neuro- and Bio-informatics (Springer 2012). He has also co-authored a two-volume research monograph on tensor networks for Big Data, entitled “Tensor Networks for Dimensionality Reduction and Large Scale Optimization” (Now Publishers, 2016 and 2017), and more recently a research monograph on Data Analytics on Graphs (Now Publishers, 2021). Dr. Mandic has published more than 500 peer-reviewed articles and has held visiting positions in RIKEN (Japan) KU Leuven (Belgium).