Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

IAB 2019

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) was formed in 2019 to increase industry engagement in INNS activities and  the field of neural networks. Activities proposed by the IAB include student placements such as internships and job openings, a career fair, exhibit booths, educational opportunities like summer schools, and research competitions. 




Massimilano Versace
Hans Zimmermann

Massimiliano Versace
CEO & President
Neurala Inc.

Hans Georg Zimmermann
Chief Scientist for Data Analytics
AI, Neuro, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

Milind Naphade
CTO, Intelligent Video Analytics
AI Cities, Nvidia

Danil Prokhorov

Research Manager
Toyota Motor Corp


Naga Rayapati
Founder & CEO/CTO GoGetter Inc

Weizhong Yan
Principal Scientist
General Electric