Mandate of SIGCOM

At its meeting on July 31, 2005, the INNS Board of Governors have accepted the SIG Ad Hoc Committee Report prepared by us previously. Three recommendations have been made and approved by the BOG:
  • Forming a SIG Committee (SIGCOM) with the mandate for one year. Robert Kozma has been elected by the BOG to be SIGCOM chair for the coming year; SIGCOM membership is based on the Ad Hoc committee and beyond, and it is coordinated by the Chair.
  • Tasks of the SIGCOM include preparing a modification of the bylaws to give a formal structure to the SIGs; create a charter for the SIGs; coordinate and support existing SIGs and stimulate the formation of new topical and geographical SIGs.
  • A budget of $20,000 has been approved for SIGCOM for a one-year period ending August 31, 2006, to provide financial support for SIG activities, such as funding speakers and to facilitate workshops.