SIGCOM Members

The following SIGCOM has been formed from volunteers based on the previous ad hoc committee. Thank you for agreeing to serve on the INNS SIGCOM. I look forward to a productive work period together in this important area to facilitate INNS activities in various areas and at various regions worldwide.

Peter Andras, [email protected]
Yoon-Suck Choe, [email protected]
Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas, [email protected]
Deniz Ergodmus, [email protected]
Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna, [email protected]
Khan Iftekharuddin, [email protected]
Soo-Young Lee, [email protected]
Robert Kozma (Chair), [email protected]
Richard Siderits, [email protected]
Harold Szu, [email protected]
Roberto Tagliaferri, [email protected]

The SIGCOM work is strongly relies on the active work of the existing and future SIGs. I suggest that the Chair or a representative of each topical or geographical SIGs is considered as associated member of the SIGCOM. This means that they are informed on our work and free to make suggestions on it. But they are not formally assigned any task in the SIGCOM, so they could concentrate on their SIG work. Note that some SIG chairs did agree to be SIGCOM member, which is highly appreciated.

Affiliated SIGCOM Members:

Present SIG chairs or representatives; note that this list is preliminary and incomplete:

Peter Andras [email protected] (with R Gutierrez, Neurodynamics SIG)
Vladimir Cherkassky, Vladimir Krasnopolsky, Dimitri Solomatine, Julio Valdez (Computational Intelligence in Earth and Environmental Sciences SIG)
Khan Iftekharuddin [email protected] (Bio-inspired Vision SIG)
Nik Kasabov [email protected] (Bioinformatics & Intelligence SIG, New Zealand SIG)
Soo-Young Lee [email protected] (Intelligent Devices SIG)
John Taylor, Dan Levine [email protected] (Mental Function & Dysfunction SIG)
Francesco Morabito [email protected] (Italy SIG)
Richard Siderits [email protected] (Parabiotics SIG)
Roberto Tagliaferri, Francesco Masulli [email protected] (Bioinformatics SIG)
Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas [email protected] (Peru SIG)
Dan Levine [email protected] (Texan Regional SIG)